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Plan Express specializes in the logistics of construction information delivery, whether in digital form or as hard copy documents. Our goal is to make the task of delivering that information to your project team convenient, economical, and efficient.

Despite the complexity involved, our web interface is easy to use and is based on logistics and automation, not just another "online plan room". Consequently, many of our features are unique and only available through Plan Express. Our goal is to provide you with the ability to get the right information to the right people at the right time, every time!

We can also improve your staff efficiency and productivity by processing the information we receive so that when it is made available to others, it is right. In effect, we can become an extension of your project team. Our automated system provides the tools necessary to get it done quickly and correctly.

Once a project has been processed and is online, ordering becomes a snap! You can invite others to order themselves, or place the order yourself. Either way, it’s very easy to order. Pricing is all inclusive (including all applicable taxes and delivery charges) and provided at the time the order is placed. All transactions are handled through a thoroughly secure process, whether being charged to an account or by credit card.

Our multiple locations and print partners throughout the country allow us to provide you with unbeatable printing and shipping rates.